Maximising energy with Valkalor: without compromising rumen health.

Extracting as many nutrients as possible from conventional and non-conventional raw materials is pivotal in realising cost efficiency gains of today’s rations for dairy farmers and nutritionists. Valkalor has been used for years in dairying across the globe, as a tool to maximise energy from cereals without compromising rumen health. Valkalor is a combination of selected microencapsulated essential oils and patented plant extracts formulated by the expert team at Idena and added to the cow’s daily ration.

Unlocking Energy for Milk with Valkalor
– How does it work?

Valkalor is designed to convert more starch into available glucose- optimising the energy content of a ration without production of additional lactic acid. Starch is a common source of energy for dairy cows, but too much rapidly degraded starch is detrimental to rumen health as it increases the risk of acidosis due to production of high levels of lactic acid dropping rumen pH.

Valkalor shifts rumen fermentation to favour microbes that produce propionate and inhibits those that produce lactic acid. Valkalor increases total available volatile fatty acids and lactose, meaning more energy is converted and available for milk and its components.

Valkalor enhances the energetic status of the ration by acting across all carbohydrate sources in the ration – cereal grains, corn and other grain silages, haylage and pastures.

Valkalor – Great to use all year round, especially when the sun is shining.

Commercial applications have shown that Valkalor can provide benefits in grazing systems as well as partial and total mixed rations. Valkalor is also a useful tool during times of heat stress helping to maintain milk volume and components during the challenging summer season.

Valkalor works best in rations when starch and sugar levels are high, in grazing systems, partial or total mixed rations.

What are the benefits? Valkalor can help you achieve:

  • Higher milk production and persistency
  • Improved rumen health and stability
  • Enhanced feed efficiency and profitability
  • Better performance during heat stress

Valkalor is highly palatable improving the desire to eat.

Contact the BEC team to learn more about Valkalor and discover how it can enhance your rations.