MEDIA RELEASE: 16th June 2022

Mark Fitzgerald Retiring as General Manager of Premix & Feed Additives


Mr Mark Fitzgerald will be officially retiring from his position as BEC Feed Solutions General Manager of Premix and Feed Additives for Australia and New Zealand, on June 30th.

“After seven exciting and challenging years as General Manager of Premix and Feed Additives at BEC Feed Solutions, it is now time for me to retire and move onto the next stage of my life.” Mr Fitzgerald said.

Mr Fitzgerald enjoyed a long, distinguished, and eventful career in the animal feed and poultry industries. He has held senior management roles with businesses including Tegel/NRM in New Zealand, Niugini Tablebirds in Papua New Guinea, Sunnybrand Chickens, Darwalla, Ridley and BEC Feed Solutions in Australia.

During his many years of leadership, he has been involved in significant changes in these industries, particularly in the businesses he has been a part of.

Managing Director of BEC Feed Solutions, Mr Brett Antonio, shared his sincere gratitude for the contribution and dedication Mr Fitzgerald has shown the BEC business throughout his tenure.

“BEC’s Board of Directors, shareholders, and staff, thank Mark for commitment to the development of the business. He’s been a driving force behind many key projects for us including our new premix plant that was opened last year. I’m personally very grateful we had him as part of the BEC team for the last seven years.” Mr Antonio said.

Mr Fitzgerald will officially hand over to his successor at the end of the month but will remain in a transitionary role to assist the business on major projects until September 30th.

Dr Mark Connors, who has been in the BEC Group business since 2016, will commence in the General Manager position for BEC’s Australian and New Zealand business, from July 1st.

“I have been very fortunate to work closely with Mark Fitzgerald over the last four years, this time has been most valuable learning the finer details of the premix and feed business.  I wish Mark the very best in his next stage, he has left BEC in a fantastic position for the future.” Dr Connors said.

Dr Connors originally established the BEC Biotech business venture and is still responsible for its operations and the success of the Lactipro product in the Australian market.

“Mark Connors has been our National Sales & Technical Manager for the last 4 years, and so the transition into the General Manager position will be quite seamless.” Mr Fitzgerald said.

“It is particularly pleasing that succession at this level can occur internally, and I believe this reflects the culture of the BEC business, and the quality of our staff.” He said.

“I’d like to personally thank all customers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders for your support during the last seven years. I recognise that without your understanding, loyalty, and support, BEC would not be in the position that I leave it in.” Mr Fitzgerald said.

He intends to enjoy his retirement by travelling with his wife and relishing his time with his grandchildren.


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