Optimising Protein Digestion with Vertan: Benefits for the Dairy Farmer.

Optimising the conversion of daily protein intake of dairy cows into to milk production, milk protein, health and reproduction is a constant challenge for Australian dairy farmers and nutritionists. Vertan was developed in Europe and has been used for over 20 years in dairy farming as a beneficial feeding tool with both production and environmental advantages.  Vertan is a combination of selected microencapsulated essential oils and patented plant extracts formulated by the expert team at Idena and added to the cows daily ration. Vertan is now available in Australia.

Improved Protein Utilization with Vertan  – How does it work?

Vertan is designed to precisely shift protein digestion mechanics in dairy cows. Cows require different sources of protein broken down into amino acids to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Rumen undegraded protein (RUP) is the second most important source of absorbable amino acids to the cow. By slowing down protein degradation in the rumen, Vertan can act on all protein sources in the ration shifting rumen degradable (RDP) to more available RUPWith enhanced protein mechanics, cows can more efficiently convert dietary protein into milk production with measurable increases at the farm gate in milk litres, protein percentage and payments.

Environmental Impact & Reproductive Health

Vertan’s effect on nitrogen metabolism benefits cow health, fertility, production, and the environment. By enhancing protein digestion and nitrogen retention, Vertan helps minimize internal nitrogen waste and losses into the environment. The reduction in ammonia levels in waste can provide a greater alignment with sustainable farming practices. By reducing blood urea nitrogen, Vertan positively impacts key reproduction markers and lowers stressors on the immune system improving overall cow health.   

Vertan – Great for when the grass is greener and in mixed rations.

Vertan acts on all sources of protein in the ration including pasture, hay, silage, by-products, protein meals and grain making it an economical inclusion year-round in many feeding systems. More importantly, during period of lush pastures in winter and spring when nutrients are rapidly available, Vertan assists the cow to slow down digestion and maximize the utilisation of the pasture protein, reducing waste and improving productivity and efficiency during this period.  

Vertan – smells and tastes good.

Vertan has a pleasant smell and taste which cows are attracted to, improving the desire to eat. 


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