Of all the minerals, it is almost impossible to overstate the importance of phosphorus in the nutrition of cattle. After calcium, phosphorus is the most plentiful mineral in the body. It is present in all the cells of the body (mostly in the skeleton) and it is important in nearly every biochemical function.

For over 25 years, Australian graziers have trusted and relied on Kynofos 21 for it’s high, consistent quality, proven digestibility and consistent animal performance.

BEC are proud to partner with Yara Animal Nutrition South Africa to bring their high quality range of phosphate supplements to Australia. Our range includes the ever popular Kynofos 21, PhosSure 6 & 12 and PhosPro 17.

Read or download the information packs below on the range of phosphates available.

To discuss your needs and the needs of your animals, contact our phosphate specialist and extensive beef sales representative, Mr Scott Adams.

Mr Scott Adams

Sales Representative & Phosphate Product Specialist

Scott has more than 23 years’ experience within the Northern Livestock industry.

He has worked for Stanbroke Pastoral Company, Stocklick Trading and Zoetis before joining BEC Feed Solutions in 2014.

Scott manages BEC Feed Solutions national Feed Phosphate portfolio including – Kynofos21, Bolifor MGP+, Kalori3000, PhosSure6, PhosSure12 and PhosPro17.

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Our skilled and experienced Commodity Trading team offer product that is competitively priced, due to our bulk purchasing power and finger on the pulse of market movements.

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